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Our platform is designed to support enterprises’ wireless connectivity with hitless failover, in-service upgrades, and more. It can be deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or on an appliance to manage controller-based wireless LANs. AI-powered mobility features enhance your IT’s ability to deliver a fast and reliable network experience.


Whether controller-based or we offer on-premises and cloud management that works for any organization. With granular visibility on mobile device and app health, we let IT focus on proactively optimizing the experience and warding off problems before they occur.


ABT offers industry leading meridian-powered wayfinding, notification and IoT services for real-time indoor digital experiences. Simple to use mobile Apps make it easy to find a conference room, a coworker or a missing IV-pump.


Centrally-managed policies for mobile and IoT are delivered across any wired or wireless multivendor network. Our solution replaces legacy AAA with context-aware policy enforcement. ABT uses AI-based machine learning to spot changes in user behavior that often indicates inside attacks that may have evaded perimeter defenses.


ABT boasts better Wi-Fi and location-based insights for your organisation’s IT, internal stakeholders and developers. This means increased data for enhancing the user experience and creating more impactful services and engagement. AI-powered analytics deliver the real-time data needed to consistently deliver high performing connectivity and application delivery.

ABT is working with the industry’s best technology partners and App developers to deliver solutions that are easier to deploy and consume.

Together our efforts deliver innovative solutions that support and enhance

 your IT priorities. Our technology partner programs cover everything from wireless connectivity to mobile engagement.

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