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ABT offers data services right from data warehousing to processing, generating reporting categories and levels up to visualization, business intelligence and consulting services. We help public sector derive insights from their huge data volumes. We also build road maps for our clients on scaling of big data and analytics platforms.

Simply, we provide turnkey data solution as a service to our clients. Working with renowned partners ABT help customers who collect big data to manage such data, manipulate it, migrate it to Cloud, back up and secure data. 

Policy and strategy development for strategies that ensure the sustainability of geo-spatial departments within the public sector. Policies and procedures directing the nature, flow and use of data throughout the organisation.


With our world-renowned brand partners, we build the ABT #MigrationPipe, a suite that provides customers with a choice of automated migration tools which will accelerate their cloud business.
Key elements of #MigrationPipe are a comprehensive plan, optimal provisioning, no data lost and a great end-user experience.
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Migration projects can be complex and time-consuming, with many steps to manage for a safe, seamless move to the cloud.

Migration projects can be complex and time-consuming, with many steps to manage for a safe, seamless move to the cloud.

Our migration suite helps deliver a high-quality, safe, and seamless move to the cloud, resulting in a great experience for our SMB customers.

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We capacitate you and ensure that your network is monitored and secured with our award-winning partner products. ABT offers a wide variety of security products that boost your IT security by fixing network vulnerabilities and tracking and installing missing patches. We continually enhance web security and web protection as well as ensure proper malware protection.

Data security standards and regulations require that all relevant log data is optimally managed. ABT will assist public sector customers such as SOEs, utilities and municipalities to collect their data, consolidate it and safely store it so that they can always prove their compliance in case of mishaps occurring in their workplaces.

ABT offers solutions that provide multi-layered log data consolidation that is accessible through two-factor authentication, forensic investigations capabilities and compliance reporting. Monitor the availability, functionality, performance and use of your IT assets – everything from network devices, workstations and servers to applications, business, infrastructure services and network protocols.

We reduce your system downtime and boost your network security. We increase protection while monitoring, detecting and analysing security incidents from our state-of-the-art Security Network Operating Centre (SNoC).